Welcome to the world of Lucas!

Lucas loves bedtime!
Lucas - 2008-11-19 (swaddled) Welcome to the website for Lucas (and I suppose Mom, Dad, Pia and the extended family …)  Since we have family all over, we’ve set up a site with pictures and videos of Lucas so that everyone can see him grow up!  Check out the links on this page and come back for new content.  If you want, you can enter your email address to the right and receive regular updates from this site.

Midsommar in Sweden!

Finally summer is here and it’s pretty much been amazing so far. Lucas has been out on the boat, built sandcastles on the beach, hosted the summer BBQs, had grandparents visiting, and travelled to Sandhamn.   Here are the videos from Midsummer celebrations in Sandhamn -> see videos

There are also some new picture galleries from Ingarö where Lucas gives a guided tour from the beach to Högklev.  We’ve only started to discover the waterways around the archipelago so expect lots more from the boat trips to come.  As for the pictures from Lillängsdal -> see the picture gallery

Last but not least, there is a new section with some videos from school. The montessori school in Östermalm is Lucas’ first school and as always in Sweden, the kids spends a lot of time outdoors. Josefine and Annika have made it a fantastic experience -> see videos

Winter in Sweden: Lucas stays underwater …

It was a beautiful winter, just incredibly cold and dark … so we spent a lot of time inside, and Lucas in the pool.

A warm inside pool sure helps when it’s -20 degrees celcius outside and the hills, roads, everything are covered with snow.

Swim Swim Swim ...

In any case, the videos are up from swimclass in Stockholm.  Lucas is passed first and second level, now attending his third class in how to have a blast in the pool.  Mom still only gets Luks to do sissy-dives but every day is progress … see the videos here